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Orlando Wildlife Removal in Central Florida

Wildlife Removal Prices

Generally standard wildlife trapping at your home, including service visit, trap setup, wildlife removal, wildlife relocation trip, and all the fees associated with licensing, liability insurance to protect you, rabies and other risk protection, business expenses, etc. is $89 per service visit to your home. But complex projects involving wildlife inside your house or attic, which involves intensive building inspection inside and out, and may involve many building repairs, dangerous waste cleanup, etc, must be quoted upon inspection.

We offer an excellent value in nuisance wildlife control. Not only is the quality of our work and knowledge of wildlife second to none, but our prices are significantly lower than the competition. We usually charge well under half of the average cost for wild animal pest control in Orlando. Some other companies promise a cheap initial fee, then suddenly inform you that the job will cost thousands. We do not do this - we tell you our prices up front, and stick to them with no hidden fees. It's true that every job is unique and that prices do vary depending on what the job entails. Just give us a call at 407-278-2705 and we'll give you a price quote over the phone.

SERVICE & INSPECTION FEE: On the first visit to the home, we will charge a service and inspection fee. This fee covers the general administrative and operating costs, as well as licensing and insurance costs that protect you, the customer. It includes a full inspection of the situation, and if animals are getting into the home, includes a full inspection of the home, from ground to roof, as well as inside the attic. This fee also covers the setting of the traps in the property. It is due on the first visit, and while it may vary depending upon factors such as driving distance, typically the first service, inspection, and trap setup fee is call

ANIMAL TRAPPING FEE: On the first trip to the home, we will set the animal traps. The number and type of traps will depend on the animals and situation that we are dealing with. If it's rats in the attic, we'll set up to 20 snap traps in the attic. When we come to the home, we will remove all trapped rats and reset the traps. If it's raccoons, we will set 2-3 large cage traps, and when the raccoon is caught, we will come to the property and remove the animal that same day, and relocate it 30 miles outside of the city. We do not charge a per-animal fee (what if you have a dozen squirrels?), but instead charge a per-trip fee to remove/relocate wildlife, which is usually call

EXCLUSION REPAIR FEE: (If applicable) Please remember that the only way to permanently solve a problem involving animals in the attic or house is to find out how the animals were gaining access to the attic, and then sealing those areas shut. Some jobs, like rodent removal, can't be done without proper exclusion repairs. It's a vital part of the process. When we perform our initial inspection, we will find all of these points of entry, and provide you with a price quote at that time to seal up all of the holes. Some houses need just one or two small areas sealed, for a minimal cost. However, other homes require extensive repair work, and the cost will be higher, so the total cost is quoted upon inspection.

ATTIC CLEANUP FEE: (If applicable) If the wildlife living in your attic have created a mess with their droppings, urine, body oils, nesting material, etc, then you may want attic decontamination and deodorization services. We remove all of the feces, remove the soiled insulation, remove any debris, clean the attic, and fog it with a special enzyme-based cleaner that will break down any organic biomass that the animals have left behind. This not only sanitizes your attic, but it eliminates the animal smell left behind, which could attract new wildlife to your home. The price of the service depends on the size of the area treated, as well as the extent of the soilage, so the price is quoted upon inspection.

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