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How do rats get in the toilet?

There are a number of things that can cause rats to get into the toilet, usually through the sewer systems. Bigger cities with older sewer systems will often find themselves with damaged pipes from time to time, and these give the rats an easy way in. You need to remember that, as well as human waste going through the sewer systems, plenty of food goes down there. Rats are more likely to investigate the pipe that has food coming from it - from a garbage disposal point in the kitchen, for example. Even the food that you throw away can offer these rodents some nutritional value, and that's why you'll often find scavengers like these - rats, mice, raccoons and opossums - hanging around trash cans and garbage centers.

As well as damaged pipes allowing the rats to gain access to the sewer systems, and therefore your toilet, flooding and high levels of rain water can also have a similar effect. Broken drain covers can cause the same problem, and drains that are close to garbage points often have covers and vents that are broken and torn apart by these rodents. If you have a drain that is close to where you regularly throw out the trash, make sure that it has been covered with a durable material, and that you check it is still doing its job from time to time.

Not all sewer systems have rats within them, but in highly populated areas it can happen. Rats love to eat cockroaches, and plenty of cockroaches live in the sewers. The rats are often lured in by the promise of plenty of food, not just what we humans throw away.

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