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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Attic

Here is a rat in an attic, chewing on an electrical wire over a wood beam. This can cause a fire hazard.
Here's a rat running through an attic. Notice the pathway and all the droppings it leaves behind.

We do a lot of rat control in many types of situations, but the most common type of rat removal is in the attics of homes. The initial phone call is usually along the lines of, "We hear scratching and running around in our attic at night", and if I determine that the nighttime pitter-patter is from little feet and fast, as opposed to the slower, heavier walk of raccoons, or the daytime scurrying of squirrels, then I know that it's rats in the attic. Regardless, I arrive at the house with an open mind. It's really the attic inspection that tells me all I need to know. It's very easy to tell what animal is living in the attic once I go up there. I actually rarely spot the animals. They usually hear me entering the attic, and they slink off and hide down in crevices, soffits, under insulation, etc. However, from time to time I do see the rats or squirrels or raccoons running along or sitting perfectly still somewhere. Regardless, I always see the evidence - footprints and most of all, droppings. Animals can't and don't hide the waste that they leave behind, and rats, with their high metabolism, leave behind a lot of droppings, in the form of 1/2 inch little terds. They also leave behind a brown grease on the areas they frequently travel, and they create many tunnels and pathways in the insulation. So once I've determined that it's rats, the process begins.

STEP ONE: Inspect the home to find all of the rat entry points, and seal them up permanently with expert exclusion repairs. This prevents rats from ever entering the home again, and it's the most important step!

STEP TWO: Trap and remove all of the rats inside the house. Rat trapping is not always a simple matter for amateurs. A lot of factors, especially placement of many traps on the rat runways in the attic, account for 100% success.

STEP THREE: Remove trapped rats and monitor for new activity. Once all of the rats have been removed, and there's no more fresh catches, and no more fresh footprints or droppings, and no more rat noise in the attic, we know the problem is solved.

STEP FOUR: Clean the attic. It's important to clean the attic and do a full attic cleanup and deodorization to kill off any disease-causing pathogens, sanitize the attic, and destroy the odor that will attract new rats to your house.

You can call me in Orlando at 407.538.1694. I also have friends that operate rat control businesses in other cities. For Austin Rodent Control, call A-Tex Pest. For Phoenix Rat Rodent Control, call Allen Animal. For LA Rat Control, it's All-City Rodent, and for Jacksonville Pest Control, call Andrew and Austin of WRS Jax. Dallas Rat Control, it's Matt of A Wildlife Pro, which also has a Houston Rodent Control branch that specializes in wildlife and rodent removal in attics.

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