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Do rats enter a building through the plumbing?

Rats can enter a building through a multitude of places, but one of the most affected spots is often the plumbing - where pipes enter and exit your home. Sadly, there’s not much you can do about the plumbing itself. It needs to be there. There are things you can do about how rodent-proof they are though.

Most people would turn to expanding foam in a bid to seal a hole around plumbing pipes, and this is a good idea in some respects, but not if you have a rat infestation. Rats can chew right through that in no time at all, and it won’t be long before the seal has been broken. If you were to combine your foam efforts with another material, on the other hand, such as wire wool, you may find that you have better luck. The rats will have a hard time trying to chew through the wire when it hits it, so if does start having a good old chomp through the foam you have placed to seal your home around pumping spots, it will only be able to get so far.

You can also use hardware cloth to seal plumbing spots. Grab yourself a square patch, cut a round hole that is exactly the same size as the pipework, and then position is around the pipe itself. You will need to make sure you have properly affixed this to the wall, and you may find that it isn’t the most attractive of options. It will do the trick however, as long as the hardware cloth is woven.

In short, metal based materials are best if you want to avoid rats getting into your home, and if you have plumbing and pipework that leads into your home, the spaces around them could provide the perfect spot for a passing-by rat. Do yourself a favor and seal it all up BEFORE it becomes a problem. Otherwise you’ll be giving your home the rat-trapping treatment.

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