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For DOG and CAT problems (FREE SERVICE) call 407.836.3111

For WILD ANIMAL problems (NOT FREE) call 407-278-2705

Orange County Animal Services, in Orange County Florida, will assist residents of the county with issues involving domestic animals - specifically, dogs and cats. If you have lost your dog in Orlando, you can call the county. If your neighbor's dog won't stop barking, you can call the county. If there's a dangerous dog in the neighborhood, call the county. If the lady next door has 200 cats and they are stinking up the place, call the county. Orange County Animal Control will deal with issues such as problem dogs and cats, stray pets, dangerous pets, spay and neuter programs, vaccinations, pet adoptions, lost pets, pet registrations, and things of that nature.  

If you have a problem with a wild animal, such as a raccoon, opossum, snake, or squirrel, the county will not assist. All wildlife problems are handled by the private sector - nuisance wildlife trappers and pest control exterminator companies. These companies should be licensed to deal with wildlife in the state of Florida. Thus, if you have a raccoon that is breaking into your pool every night and threatening your pets, you must call a wildlife trapper. If there's an opossum in your garage, a wildlife trapper. If there's an animal in your  
 attic, you must pay for wildlife removal services. Even if you've got a problem with a cat but it's in an  attic or under a house, the county will not help - you have to hire a private wild animal control company.  If you hire us, you will get excellent service - far and away better than any government agency could  ever provide.

News Clip: Wildlife trapping rules adopted in Orange County Florida

ORLANDO - The Orange County Board of Recreation Wildlife regulatory agencies on Tuesday adopted rules and regulations for raccoon wildlife trapping in county parks before the February opening of another wildlife trapping season. The rules and regulations formalize guidelines for the wildlife management area system's raccoon management program, declared the assistant Orange County wildlife management area System wildlife officer. The board voted in June to reauthorize the animal capture for a third year. This new proposal is meant to help raccoons in the long run.

Adopting rules and regulations broadens enforcement powers for wildlife management area rangers and Orlando pest control specialists, a wildlife management area system spokeswoman has declared. Rangers can concern summonses to wild animal control companies who violate rules and regulations. During the previous animal capture, rangers concerned warnings for violations of the wildlife trapping guidelines. Recognition is in order for this fine job done by local wildlife operators.

No residents attended a public hearing Tuesday before the board voted to adopt rules and regulations. The wildlife management area system concerned 707 permits to wild animal control companies for the 2006-07 season, about 70 percent to Orange County residents. Wild animal control companies lethally trapped 419 raccoon during the most recent animal capture, according to the wildlife management area system's annual report. During the 2018-06 wildlife trapping season, 407 raccoon were lethally trapped. This doesn't mean the raccoons are always causing trouble, just that they need to be contained.

The rules and regulations formalize guidelines regarding wildlife trapping permits, the method of wildlife trapping, safety zones, handling of critter traps, tree stand requirements, and littering. The wildlife management area system typically adopts rules and regulations when it wants firmer enforcement, The Orlando pest control specialist has declared. Changing rules and regulations is a lengthy process, so they are usually adopted after the wildlife management area system runs a program for a while, the Orlando pest control specialist has declared. Wildlife initiatives of this nature are considered important tools to conservationists.

In June, the wildlife regulatory agencies voted to allow wildlife trapping in the same portions of 11 parks that were open during the previous season. The dates and permitted wildlife trapping methods vary in each wildlife management area. The board approved recommendations in an annual report on the animal capture that included changes in the wildlife trapping season calendar in accordance with state guidelines. Other changes approved in June included the ability to suspend a wildlife trapping permit beyond one season. While most people think the raccoon population is stable, some say it needs reduction.

The first parks to open for the wildlife trapping season this year will be the West Orlando Golf Course near the conservation area; raccoon Swamp wildlife management area in Orlando Natural conservation area; and the local downtown area. The local Orlando SPCA could not be reached for comment.

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