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This is a photo of a Florida bat removal project. I removed a giant colony of bats from an attic of a condominium. I took this photo inside the attic before I removed the bats. The entire wall for over sixty feet was covered with bats. The attic must have contained over one thousand individual bats. However, I had no problems removing 100% of the bats without harming or killing a single one. Within a few days, I had all the bats out, sealed off the building to make it 100% bat-proof forever, and cleaned and deodorized the attic. Bat removal is a specialty line of work, and I've trained for many years in the art of bat removal in Florida. I have a Bat Conservation International (BCI) Bats in Buildings certification, which means that I only use professional and conservationist style bat control. This doesn't mean that I do inferior work or that it's more expensive. To the contrary, I do what I consider to be some of the finest bat control and removal work in the country, and my prices are extremely fair - far below the industry average. A lot of times, people pay far too much, only to hire a shoddy company that performs inferior work and doesn't get the job done. I know, because I have to clean up other people's bat removal mistakes all the time. I will get them all out the first time, do it legally, do it right, and offer a full warranty on my work. I operate throughout the state of Florida, including Jacksonville bat control, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Naples, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, and everywhere in between. Call any time for a consultation.

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