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Do rats make chirping noises?

Rats make a weird and wonderful selection of noises, all of which you are likely to hear if you leave a rat infestation unattended in your home for long enough. Chirping noises tend to be less often heard than chewing or gnawing sounds, and this is because chirping and chattering tends to be a more social noise than a noise of necessity. Chewing or gnawing noises obviously can't be helped, but those vocal noises are generally saved for social occasions.

Rats are very sociable creatures. They often live in rather large groups or colonies, which are called packs, and there is a great deal of interaction within the members of that pack. Night time is generally spend hunting for food, but the daytime hours are reserved for the best bits - playing with pals, napping 75% of the day away, eating, grooming each other, and generally having a good ol' chit-chat. Chirping noises tend to be baby rats calling for their mother to let her know they are hungry, but it can also be a sign of one rat communicating with another.

Chattering sounds tend to be more of a general chit-chat noise, whereas louder hisses are generally an angry vocal communication. Squealing generally indicates that a rat is scared or in pain, and you are likely to hear that chirping sound as you get closer to the nest. This is usually quite a good indication that you have a nursery of rats living in your home.

Many of the noises that rats vocally make are actually somewhat inaudible to the human ear, but many of their vocal noises can be heard, particularly in the dead of night when you're trying to get some sleep.

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